Age- 23
Height- 5’9
Weight- 134 currently
Years Training- 3-4

How did you get started with health and fitness?

I was always active growing up in cheerleading and sports, and in high school my mom convinced me to go to the gym with her. I started out doing only group fitness classes, but loved the weight training ones. I then got into long distance running, and after my first half marathon I found Jamie Eason and a bunch of other competitors and said “I want to look like that”. So I completely stopped running and started lifting.

Tell me what led to your first bikini competition? 

Stemming off from the first question, I fell in love with weight lifting and felt like I finally found my fitness niche. I knew I wanted to compete someday, but I wasn’t ready for the first couple of years – physically or mentally! So I waited it out, and I’m so glad I did. Once I was actually ready, I gave it my all and ended up winning first place in my class in my very first show.

How did you become a sponsored athlete and what made you decide to join forces with these particular companies?

I met my current supplement sponsor (Slap Nutrition – at my first show and we had been instagram friends for a while! I loved Slap’s products, as well as how down to earth the owners were. I knew I aligned with them not only as a company, but as being just great, nice, people. As for my bikini sponsors (Angel Competition Bikini’s), I became an affiliate with them first, and after referring a good amount of business to them and winning my comp, they offered me a sponsorship!

What does a typical day look like for you? A day in the life of Brittany….

Oh man, well it’s always different and right now I have about 4-5 jobs as well as a full-time internship. During the week, I wake up at 5am and have to be at my internship at 7am. I work from 7-3 (in a corporate health setting in a gym), workout immediately after at 3pm, drive home, eat dinner, then get right back on the computer to work for my other job as a social media manager, online coach, blogging, youtube comments, etc. Work till I can’t anymore, sleep, and repeat! I also do some modeling and things on the side and on the weekends. It’s a crazy busy time!

If you woke up one day and could no longer be involved with the fitness industry what would you do instead?

There are actually a ton of things I love doing that isn’t in the fitness industry necessarily. I love modeling and would also love to get into acting and in that industry. I also want to start my own business (and it may actually be in the works!) which is technically in the fashion industry. I also love writing and video, which is why I love blogging and YouTube so much. So all, or any of the above! 

What are some of your greatest achievements to date, in work or in life?

Honestly one of my favorite achievements is the fact that I have been able to make a positive impact in other people’s lives. There is nothing I love more than getting an email, a snapchat, a comment, or anything from people telling me that I have inspired them one way or another. My life goal is ALWAYS to help others, so it means the world to me to hear that I have done so.

Apart from training in the gym what do you do for fun or to unwind?

Writing and YouTube is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I love writing, reading, making videos, and watching videos. I also love to do anything active outside, so going for hikes or going out to explore is one of my favorite things to do.

What is your biggest source of motivation, What drives you?

There are two things that drive me – being my best self, and knowing that I may be inspiring others. First, I think it’s important to be constantly improving yourself and bettering yourself in all aspects of life. The quote “the fact that you aren’t where you want to be yet should be enough motivation” is a great way to describe it. I have a lot of goals, and they won’t reach themselves. I am a very determined person, so when I get something in my mind I don’t stop until I get it. Second, inspiring other people, as I stated, is one of my favorite things to do. Helping others and showing them that they are capable of anything they want inspires ME. 

What does your current diet look like and what is your goal?

I follow flexible dieting, so I count my macronutrients and weigh my food (especially now that I’m in prep). This allows me flexibility and freedom to eat what I want. However, I feel best eating whole, natural and what they call “clean” foods, so majority of my diet includes lean meats, potatoes, complex carbs, and healthy sources of fats. 

What is your current training routine?

I currently follow a lower, upper, lower, upper, lower split. Yes, working legs and glutes 3x a week is certainly a doozie! I also am slowly increasing cardio currently now that I’m in prep.

If you could tell the younger version of you that’s just starting out in the gym, one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be patient and love yourself at every stage in your journey! Changes don’t happen overnight so it’s important to keep that in mind without getting frustrated. I also spent a lot of my life not loving myself, so now I’ve learned that self-love is honestly the first step in being successful in fitness.

What can new subscribers expect to see on your YouTube channel?

I definitely have some things planned that you’ll have to watch and find out! 😉 BUT, I’ll definitely be traveling more this year and I want to get more quality content out with improved editing (something I’m working on). I also may or may not be competing somewhat soon, so watch out for that. 

What is something people might not know about Brittany Lesser?

I’m an introverted extrovert! If you meet me in person and see me on my channel, I seem pretty outgoing and certainly can be. However, I’m very much an introvert as well. I like to be alone, and sometimes can get social anxiety in certain situations.


Fun facts with Brittany:

Most embarrassing song on your playlist- I don’t get embarrassed easily ha! But maybe basically the entire new Justin Bieber playlist!
Favourite cheat meal- Anything with chocolate or something salty including sweet potato fries
3 women you are inspired by- Oh man, so many and for so many different reasons. First people I thought of right now: Lindsay Cappotelli (lindsaycappotelli) , Leanna Car (leanna_car), and Erin Stern (erinstern5)! 
Favourite body part to train- Shoulders and glutes!
How many pairs of sneakers/trainers do you own- About 5
Favourite quote: Psalm 139:14 “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”

Where can people find you on social media

Snapchat: brittanylesser


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