Name- Garry Turner (GT)
Age- trade secret (30’s) 
Height- 186cm
Weight- off season 108kg, stage 99kg
Years Training- 20

How did you get started in the gym?

As a junior track athlete I started doing light circuits at a really young age (11) and this evolved into having a serious weights addiction by the time I was 15. I was playing National level Rugby and in the National sprints / hurdles squad so it was fairly serious.

What is your biggest source of motivation, What drives you?

My daughter. I work hard to make sure she has everything she needs and i’m trying to build a profile and physique that will enable me to not only compete with the best in the world, but also allow me to enjoy a career in the industry. I want to take her abroad and travel with me. In addition to this i see how proud she is when her daddy is in a magazine or brings home a trophy. There is no external motivation in the world greater than that. 

Out of all the comps that you have competed in, which one is the most memorable? 

There have been many. Each and every one is so intense. I remember the Arnold classic last year for a negative reason in that the call for my class was over two hours late and in that time due to glucose consumption for stage pump and trying to stay full I lost all my conditioning. I was sat at 4% body fat and the leanest I’ve ever been, but by the time I hit the stage my waist had blown out and I was holding a lot of water. It’s heart breaking when something like that wrecks 16 weeks of hard work, but it’s all a learning curve I guess. 

On a positive note, getting my Pro Card in last years WBFF has been a career high and the turning point for me. After the upset at the Arnolds, I stepped off stage and quite literally made the decision to leave IFBB and start preparing for the October competition. I didn’t even take a break, I was so frustrated and driven. So to get the Pro card after 7 months of calculated prepping, and against some incredible athletes was very satisfying. 

If you could tell the younger version of you that’s just starting out in the gym, one piece of advice, what would it be?

That’s a tough one. I live by 2 pieces of wisdom to be honest. Primarily, educate yourself. Don’t ‘listen’ to others; read, research, google, find out for yourself and become a wealth of knowledge. The most successful athletes tend to be well educated, don’t listen to bro science (of which 99% of the BS floating around the gyms tends to consist of). If you know which way the muscle fibres run, how to train specific muscles, how to adequately consume the correct nutrition, how to avoid injury etc, it will mean more effective training and more efficient gains in muscle quantity and quality. 

Secondly, and I fell foul to this myself at a younger age, “train the muscles you can’t see twice as hard as the ones you can.’ Meaning do not neglect your back, rear delts, hammies etc. These muscles are the ones that actually make a physique, not the all important pecs and biceps. You cannot have capped 3D delts if you have small rear delts and you’ll have a round back if you only train chest. It all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle and if pieces are missing, you’ll not get it right and spend years correcting it. Like I said I fell foul to this as a teenager, it took me ten years to correct.   

What have you found to be the hardest obstacle when prepping clients?

Consistency. Too many clients slipping up, underestimating how grueling these deficits are and not sticking to diets. Even the slightest slip up can be a real set back. I’m a real sadist when it comes to this. I’m a firm believer that when you get to that day you need to have left no stone unturned and have no regrets.  

In recent years your progress has changed dramatically what would you say has contributed to this?

In 2012 I got bored with calorie restricted diets and having to keep skinny ripped for the commercial modeling scene, which was my main income at the time. I felt like I wasn’t myself so I decided to leave it and put on the mass I wanted. 

In addition to this I had a very rough time on the last 2 years. I lost my mum and my daughter got taken back to the UK and ended up suffering with depression and anxiety. The gym was very much my antidepressant and I ended up hitting it incredibly hard, taking out all my frustration and emotions out on the weights. When I lost my mum, I made a conscious decision to actively chase my dreams and I’ve done that every since. If anything I get hungrier each day. 

What is your current training schedule?

I change up all the time, like every 3 months. I am currently on a 4 day cycle. Legs, Back & rear delts, chest & biceps, delts. I only rest when I feel I need to.

What is your current diet?

I’m currently bulking hard, so I shoot for around 4500 calories a day, with at least 300g Protein. I eat mainly boring foods like yturkey mince, boiled chicken breast, brown rice, wholemeal wraps, whole milk, peanut butter, nuts.

If you woke up tomorrow and couldn’t be a bodybuilder, what else would you focus on?

I’d probably go back to being a surf rat and build businesses within the fitness industry. 

What has been your greatest success so far?

I’ve done so much with my life already. I’ve done the degrees at University, I’ve been a successful model seeing the world, Northern lights, stood on icebergs at the arctic, wrestled alligators, I’ve taught thousands of school kids and mentored some really unfortunate children through rough times, surfed huge waves, but nothing will ever compare to holding your 1 hour old child. That’s just a whole different level and is more fulfilling than all of those life experiences put together. 

How do you see your life in 5 years? 

Swole. I would like to be a major name in the WBFF organization and ideally creating an income from fitness. 

With such a busy lifestyle, what do you do to unwind? 

It’s tough. Believe it or not the gym actually is what I do to unwind. I train with so much intensity, but for me its so relaxing and allows me to detach from any issues or stresses. I’ve used all those years of angry lifting to make me feel better and calmer and now its an inbuilt mechanism that just makes me feel awesome. My partner Nikkee and I have three nine year old girls between us so beyond that life really is very busy. When we get the time, I nice cardio stroll along our favourite Gold Coast beaches is amazing, although we don’t get so much time to do that anymore.  

What is something people might not know about Garry Turner?

I’m English. I’m a Teacher and no I’m not a PE teacher: Science, Biology and Chemistry. I love documentaries and hate the kardashians. 

Fun facts with Tim:
Kai or Phil?   Phil. Used to be Kai, but Phils physique is undeniable. 
Go to cheat meal? Quality burger and chips, followed by warm doughnuts and ice cream. 
Favourite exercise? Rear delts flies
Most embarrassing song on your playlist? Aha: The living daylights. Love that shit
Favourite Quote: Knowledge is power.

Where can people reach you?

Insta: @gt_wbffpro


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