Name- Greg Doucette
Age- 40
Height- 5 6 1/2″ 169 cm
Weight- 210
Years Training- 30
Years competing- 22

How did you get started in the gym?

I 1st started lifting weights when I was 10 years old with my father and Twin in the basement. I immediately was addicted and have not stopped since. By the time I was 14 I was winning bench press contests in local meets against adults and was encouraged to keep training.

What is your biggest source of motivation, What drives you?

I am driven most by personal improvement. I am just as excited setting a PR in the gym as I am setting a PR in a meet. I still enjoy setting records but personal records to me are just as important if not more than trying to beat others.

Out of all the comps that you have competed in, which one is the most memorable?

The 2012 nationals was the most memorable for me because I was able to win my IFBB PRO card on my 50th competition.

At what point did you realize that you where stronger than the average lifter and did this change your focus when it came to your training?

I honestly knew from day 1 that I was not only stronger but much stronger then the avg. lifter. From day one in the gym my goal was always to be the strongest. It was not until I won the drug tested and non tested Canadian National bodybuilding championships in 2000 at the age of 25 that I knew I had the ability to make it to the top level of competition.

If you could tell the younger version of you that’s just starting out in the gym, one piece of advice, what would it be?

It would definitely be to hire the best coach possible. I never had a coach and looking back I made so many mistakes that could of been avoided with a good coach.

What is your current training schedule?

I am currently on a 4 day training split with no days off so that I train my entire body every 4 days. I focus mostly on power bodybuilding and time under tension training for maximum muscle growth while staying really strong.

What is your current diet?

I eat on avg. 5 meals a day for a total of 3500 calories from a meal plan which I have

created which is in no way the mainstream way to eat. I eat a lot of popcorn, wraps, protein shakes, homemade protein bars, fruit, Greek yogurt, Vegetables, chicken, French toast. It would be considered a high protein, high fiber, moderate carb low fat diet.

What have you found to be the hardest obstacle when prepping clients?

I would say it’s getting clients to report back to me with details, updates, videos pictures and letting me know how things are going so that I can modify their programs in order to achieve the best results.

If you woke up tomorrow and couldn’t be a bodybuilder, what else would you focus on?

Well I actually have thought this was the case on a few occasions have battled back from a few injuries/surgeries and being told may not be able to pursue my passion anymore. I would always remain active and pursue physical fitness. I now do a lot of nutrition coaching so I am certain I would remain involved in the fitness world through prepping clients.

What has been your greatest success so far? (can be gym related, academic, family etc.)

I would say that it’s a tossup between earning my IFBB PRO Card and  officially setting the Guinness book of world record for most weight sumo dead lifted in a minute. Winning my IFBB pro card was an amazing feeling but being the best in the world at something is also a pretty cool feeling as well.

How do you see your life in 5 years?

I would see it exactly as it is now which is the way I want it to be. If it were not I would make the change now (after all I am 40).

With such a busy lifestyle, what do you do to unwind/ for fun?

I like to train as my form of stress relief as well as be active. Does not matter if its playing sports or going for a walk or going out dancing. As long as I get to move around I’m happy.

What is something people might not know about Greg Doucette?

*I won the 2011 Mr olympia lbs 4 lbs world’s strongest man competition out of over 300 contestants
*I was a power chearleader in University
*I was a provincial triathlon and cycling champion when I was younger
*I was a school teacher for 11 years

Fun facts with Greg:
Kai or Phil? Phil
Go to cheat meal? Does not exist and never will
Favorite exercise? Bench press BY FAR
Most embarrassing song on your playlist? anything from NSINK or the backstreet boys.
Favorite Quote: I don’t do quotes lol

Where can people reach you?

Instagram: gregdoucetteifbbpro

facebook: Greg Doucette


youtube: Greg Doucette


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