Metformin is truly an amazing drug.  It is very popular and regarded as the world’s first anti-aging drug. It is usually taken by diabetic patients and some people who want to slow aging.

Metformin Effects

Metformin has a potential effect on diabetes, obesity, cancers, as well as heart disease that practically helps generate life extension.

Metformin, originally known as Glucophage (“sugar eater”) is regarded as one of the very oldest drugs; it has been in existence since 1959 and has been used without cautions in other countries except in the U.S until it was then approved by FDA in 1995.

Currently, it helps to treat type II diabetics, as it helps to handle dietary sugar levels or carbohydrates. There are non-diabetics who  take it as well to reduce body fat in the body and help handle carbs better.

Metformin Effect On Bodybuilders

If you are looking to build your body with supplements then taking metformin will be highly beneficial for you. 

A lot of bodybuilders have been a big fan of this drug as it helps to make their muscle cells more sensitive to the insulin and direct more nutrients towards it. Other than helping to build muscles, metformin also helps to simultaneously de-sensitize fat cells to insulin. This prevents easy storage of nutrients by fat cells, and as a result, helps muscles get bigger and storage of fat cells to get smaller. It has also been proven to serve as an anti-catabolic agent (protect muscle mass in the body from being broken down) when muscles have been immobilized because of bone or joint complications.

Metformin Effect on Cancer

It seems normal that just about every chemical has effects on cancer; they either cause cancer or help to prevent it. But recently there has been a noteworthy report on the effect of metformin on cancer.

In a very large study, a group of scientists took a look at over 10-year case histories of 8,000 type II diabetics who have been taking metformin. They discovered that the patients who use metformin had an incredible 54% lower incidence of all kinds of cancer compared to the general population. This impressive drug didn’t only show cancer-preventive effects, but also showed that metformin users who had developed cancer had a much higher rate of survival, including those patients with malignant tumors of the lung, breast, and colon. This proves that the earlier the patients start to use metformin the higher their survival rate by helping fight off cancer.

The effect of metformin was so vivid and profound to the extent that its result on patients, alongside the drug’s glucose-control properties, made the LEF (Life Extension Foundation) recommend that its members (whether diabetic or non-diabetic) must take it daily.

There have been often occurring questions like: how possible is it that a drug made for lowering blood sugar level can also protect against cancer? 

One of the main reasons for this is that metformin reduces obesity, which is seen as a risk factor for more than a dozen cancers. It works by increasing the production of a certain chemical that helps to regulate cell growth and replication. Once you start to use metformin and this chemical is activated, cancer cells end up being starved because the chemical has cut the energy lifeline from which the cancer cells draw strength from.

Metformin Effect On Heart Disease

There’s no denying that high blood sugar can contribute to the number of fatty materials deposited in your blood vessels. As time goes by, these fatty materials that have been deposited start to impede the flow of blood.  This in turn increases the chance of having circulatory problems and heart disease. Metformin works on people with heart disease by preventing this from happening and keeping their blood sugar levels low.

Potential Side Effects Of Metformin

As we all know, everything with advantages has got at least a bit of a disadvantage as well. People who use metformin and similar drugs have historically been observed to have a rare but significant side effect.  This side effect is called lactic acidosis.

Nevertheless, cases of patient-reported to have had this side effect is 0.06 in 1,000 patient-years (regarded as very low). This effect usually occurs in patients with predisposing conditions or factors such as renal, liver disease, cardiac disease, alcoholism, usage of very high metformin doses (more than 1.7 grams a day), or not withdrawing from metformin usage before surgery.

Metformin For Promoting Health

A lot of conventional physicians do not typically prescribe metformin as a supplement that helps promote health or helps extend life as explained in this article. Most of them are either still in the dark of its new uses or too stubborn to prescribe drugs to patients for any reason other than to treat a diagnosed disease. However, most progressive physicians who do not only specialize in treating disease but promote health as well, are very much excited about the anti-aging use of metformin and will gladly prescribe to people who require it.

There you have it.  These are some of the benefits of taking metformin on the human body. As a bodybuilder, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to keep your body as healthy as possible. If you’re looking for an effective anti-aging drug that will help prevent cancer and other major diseases then taking metformin is worth a shot.


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