Are you still lifting the same weights to become stronger? Well, check these 5 reasons that expose the phenomenon that you are not becoming stronger

Why do people do exercise? Well, the most notable answer would be to remain fit, strong, and in stay shape. The other aspect of doing exercise is beating the stress. If you have noticed another concern, which says people are hitting the gym and coming out of it with severe stress, tension, and aggravation. 

The majority of gym-hitters had ignored it for a long time. One reason for the frustration behind this is that gym-hitters are more concerned with size gains (which somehow freezes out after a certain period) rather than strength and power.

Therefore, the concern remains a case of serious study amongst many gym specialists and body experts. This concern is the main cause of anger among the gym-hitters who are more active towards size gains. This also may affect your attitude and may cause tension rather than busting stress. 

Such persistent and negative engagement at the gym may also lead you to lose strength which would be another concern coupled with the halting of size gains. 

Check out these top 5 reasons to know you are not getting any stronger

Your Ego is a major hindrance.

Hitting the gym means not only lifting weights, bench press, and back squat but it also includes having clear objectives and endgame. Most gym-hitters want to quickly jump to major exercises without developing the beginner’s play. This happens due to ego. Jumping off to big weights and lifts is not an easy task and requires proper training and aim. If you are skipping the start, the end is not going to go well with you. And you may get frustrated when the end results are abysmal.

Ego plays a big part in bodybuilding and weightlifting. If you are a freshie/newcomer, then it is recommended to throw your ego in the dustbin before hitting the gym. For full-timers, ego may spoil the whole strength and size affair, if one is not careful with it. 

Your body may have achieved strength saturation

Not many want to deal with this fact but as human beings have breaking and saturation points, it may be another reason too. If the body has achieved the saturation point, then there is no other way that you can become stronger. The same is the case for size gains, which may halt upon hitting the saturation point. Most bodybuilders/gym-hitters are unaware of this fact and expect to become Arnold Schwarzenegger in no time.

Take it easy, go slow and steady

Most newcomers may be willing to spend extra hours in the gym to make it large. Putting extra hours will not yield the results that you are hoping for. The same goes also for experienced professionals. Experts say, maintaining a proper routine is enough to yield top results.

Stop frequent alteration/adjustment to exercises or loads 

The human body has a certain adaptive mechanism that is not fit for sudden changes and alterations. In the case of bodybuilding affairs, gym-hitters often try to shift to new workouts and load changes. According to several fitness experts, the body is less likely to respond if it is given frequent stimulation. You may think doing frequent changes/alterations may give you spotlight or with added loads, you may get stronger, but success may be going another way round for you. 

In such a case, give your body some time with specific workouts and loads. Usually, it may take over a month to adjust to new alterations but gym-hitters may spoil their strength enhancement if they are frequently changing loads and workout in a short time.

Get out of the comfort zone

Most gym-hitters have applied conventional workouts that they enjoy usually; however, this is not going to boost your strength. Experts have suggested going for an eccentric level where the body is made to push for limits rather than staying in the comfort zone. By applying unconventional workouts, the endurance and load taking capacity of the body increase, thereby raising your body strength. 


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